Rivera by Andrea Kettenmann (TASCHEN Basic Art)

Rivera by Andrea Kettenmann (TASCHEN Basic Art)

Rebel with a cause

A revolutionary spirit in moren art

Diego Rivera (1886 - 1957) is a loud presence on the art historical atage. With devout political principles and a turbulent romantic history, he was at once husband a paladin of Frida Kahlo, advocate and adversay of Stalin's Soviet Union, and liberator and traitor of Leon Trotsky.

Vibrant, graphic and often monumental, Rivera's paintings carry the same live political and passionate charge as his prsonal biography. Fusing European influences such as Cubism with a sicalist ideology and an exaltation of Mexico's indiginous and popular heritage, he created a new iconography for art history and for his country. He became one of the most important figures in the Mexican mural movement and won international acclaim for his public wall paintings, in whic he presented a utopian yet accessible vision of a post-revolutionary Mexico. In 1931, Rivera was the subject of MoMA's second ever monographic exhibition.

This book explores the unique blend of influence and ideology which secure Rivera's place as both unique and a universal painter, bound to the particular turbulent experience of early 20th century Mexico, and yet preoccupied with subjects such as revolution and class inequity which continue to speak to us today.