I Refuse by Per Petterson

I Refuse by Per Petterson

I refuse to compromise.

I refuse to forgive.

I refuse to forget.

The major new novel from the author of Out Stealing Horses.

‘Tommy. How long have we been friends.’ ‘All of our lives,’ Tommy said.‘I can’t remember us ever not being friends. When would that have been.’ Jim said. ‘I think it could last the rest of our lives,’ he said carefully, in a low voice. ‘Don’t you think.’ ‘It will last if we want it to. It depends on us. We can be friends for as long as we want to.’

Tommy’s mother has gone. She walked out into the snow one night, leaving him and his sisters with their violent father. Without his best friend Jim, Tommy would be in trouble. But Jim has challenges of his own which will disrupt their precious friendship.