The Chapter One Team


Chapter One Books is what happens when you combine Christine's 'Off-With-The-Fairies' approach to interior design, Lyndsy's penchant for positivi-day thinking and Chris' man-love for amazing mugs of coffee.


This is a families love affair for great literature in a time of economic crisis for booksellers and we discovered it would take all our crazy quirks combined to make a successful go of it.


'When I open a book to Chapter One, and read that first opening line I get a little magical tingle, and it rings true that "Books are a sort of portable magic". Thanks Stephen King! I get the same feeling when I walk into a bookshop.  Theres a sort of magic in the air, the possibilities of all those worlds to discover, bookshops are almost like time and place travel machines.' - Christine


In 2013, over 1,000 bookshops in the UK closed down, leaving our high streets more corporate and devoid of magic than ever before.  From 2013 to 2015 not a single new bookshop has opened anywhere in the UK.  Thankfully 2016 has been the year of the  bookshop comeback and we're proud to be counted as one of those loons!


Chapter One is about friends, books and coffee.  Meet your friends in our café or make new ones with all our chatty regulars.  Discover something new to read in our eclectically mixed up shelves and definitely try one of our locally roasted speciality coffees.  


We're a work in progress and will be for a long time to come so heres to risks and magic!