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by Robin Rinaldi

'The Wild Oats Project' asks, how far would you go to change your life when something, somehow just doesn't feel right inside?

Do you settle and live forever with that stomach-churning-bottom-of-the-pit feeling? Or do you run blindly into the unknown?

Robin Rinaldi runs.

After her husband of eighteen years decides to have a vasectomy, despite her heartfelt pleas for a child, Robin decides to indulge in a quest for passion:

"I refuse to go to my grave with no children and only four lovers. If I can't have one, I must have the other."

And so Robin embarks on an active, unapologetic search for lovers. From Internet dating, online adverts, random strangers and group Orgasmic Meditation sessions; she experiences a cocktail of skilled and unskilled men. While some leave her wanting more, others... well they blow her mind.

It was unusual to witness the relationships with the men she slept with. Instead of descending into the depths of abuse and vulnerability, Robins approach was refreshing and empowering and almost all her encounters turned into friendships. One of the most poignant questions she explores is one I'm sure many woman and men have queried at some point is whether one person can encompass all our desires...

"I had safety and love with Scott. Penetration and intensity with Alden. Childlike joy and adventure with Paul."

As you join Robin on her inquisitive journey, a hunt for the answer to all her deepest desires, you become utterly engrossed in her search for the perfect solution. This book makes you question your own life at every turn of the page. Do you have all you want? Are you happy with what you have? How liberal or conservative are you in the face of sacrifice? How do you decide who's need is greater in your marriage?

Robin had the guts to do what a lot of us struggle to do... To truly liberate ourselves, to strip down and leap off the edge and not give a damn what anyone else thinks.

"I could feel him willing me back into a place where my needs went unmet and I bore it mostly with a smile..."

She found the inner strength to seek freedom when feeling trapped. There was no hesitancy in her decision to submit and surrender or burn up like a Phoenix bird and be reborn from the ashes.

This book left me with a feeling of hope, and my husband scrambling to hide all the matches in the house! I loved Robins capricious energy as it proved that there is such a thing as a happy ending if you are willing to fight for the unknown.

Reviewed by Dana Al Malak on behalf of Chapter One Books