Read Something New Review


by Scott McCloud


What sets this graphic novel apart is how easy it is to follow some of the more abstract and creative twists in the story.  McCloud is able to get really sassy with elements like Death appearing in the form of a late uncle, angels descending then bursting into clouds of birds and New York turning into a conveyor belt without losing you along the way. 

McCloud is clearly taking liberties with the whole 'creating anything you can imagine with your own hands' theme and it's admirable the way in which he joins right in with the main character in giving his life for this epic work... I hear it took him 3 years to complete!



Here's something I didn't expect from this graphic novel, it's incredibly tender, romantic and poignant and the pace is very sophisticated.  There isn't a comic book rush of relentless 'pow', 'bang' and 'wollop', or endless streams of dialogue either. The balance of images to speech is perfect, setting the pace to you can really absorb what's going on in each scene. That's not to say this graphic novel is boring, far from it, I was up late reading Sculptor, when you make a deal with death there's no telling how it might end and I was totally invested in finding out!


Reviewed by Christine Cafun on behalf of Chapter One