New Phase Two


So it's the start of the new financial year and we are chomping at the bit over here! We want to get started on Phase Two!


For those of you who are wondering what Phase Two is... It's a lot of major improvements we want to make to the store.  Phase One was a period of building, buying, signing contracts, opening and settling.  Phase Two will be a period of refining and polishing.


First and foremost is a facelift to the shop front.  We love you Chatsworth House but this shop unit has been abandoned and unloved for too long.  Look out for a little Dickensian explosion of colour and kookiness all over our windows this Spring.



Second on the menu is our menu.  A new bookish food selection is on the way and with Lyndsy working her magic in the kitchen there will be even more bookshop baked cakes on the counter.  Look out for her Queen Bee Honey Butter cake and the dark rich Chocolate Guinness cake. 


Thirdly books, books, books.  New sections coming to Chapter One this summer are an expanded non-fiction section, magazines and literature based graphic novels, a limited edition section and a full expansion of titles throughout the store.


C'mon Phase Two! More cake is always a good thing.

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