New Books This Month

Academy Of British Cover Design 2016

This award is about design as opposed to literature but we love all things booky so we've decided to get the winners into the shop this week.

What I particularly like about this award is that the covers are chosen by book cover designers so these guys are the perfect judges.

This is only the awards second list, so they're rather new on the scene but we really like the way they are adding value back to reading by reminding us that art and literature go hand in hand, you can't have one without the other.

Also this makes for a gorgeous website so go ahead and save them to your favourites:

Designed by Kate Gaughran this cover was the Young Adult winner.

We're so happy about this one as Louise O'Neill one of the very few feminist fiction writers aimed at young adults and her previous book, Only Ever Yours, flew off our shelves very quickly
The designer, Ben Summers, does very cool things with markers, very off-the-wall and doodle-esque we appreciate the diversity of the judges for picking this cover as the winner of the SciFi/Fantasy category.
Haus Frau has been around a little while and the designer Joanna Thomson has done a lovely job of portraying the main heroine as the title suggests, a demure house wife with a hidden secret. This picked up the winning place in the Mass Market category. (We like the fact that they have recognised this as a separate section)

I'd like to see this reproduced as a clothbound hardback.